FASTRT - DOS executables

FASTRT - Windows/DOS executables

1. If you have not already done so from the main fastrt www page, download the model code by pressing here and unpack the CheckUVSpec_vx.xx directory. It has been archived by the unix 'tar' command and compressed by 'bzip2'. Tools to untar and bunzip2 the file can be obtained for free at, but other compression programs like 'winzip' should work as well.

2. Download the files fastrt.exe and cygwin1.dll below and put it in the unpacked CheckUVSpec_vx.xx directory

3. Run 'fastrt.exe -h' and 'perl -h' on the DOS prompt for further instructions. To run the latter you need to have perl installed, available from

If you are going to use or fastrt a lot, I recommend that you press press here and follow the instructions in that www document. This allows you to compile and run the program pages in a Unix like environment on your Windows PC.